Inle : A beautiful place

with wonderful people


The Manor

offering you a unique experience of classicism

Night Life

Meet the fellow travellers

Quality service

Your comfort is our priority


The best local dining experience


Our restaurant combines tradition with modernity in an exceptional way.The highlighted wooden-decked terrace is an excellent place to give you a relaxing ambiance.

We serve a variety of dishes including European and Traditional cuisines.

Efficient service, a soothing vibe, and outstanding cuisine are to be expected.

Belu Bar & Cafe

A unique spot in the heart of Nyaung Shwe.


Relax and unwind… in the extremely comfortable Belu Bar.

you’ll find yourself in a relaxing environment that remains energetic and exciting

Try a variety of signature cocktails and mocktails crafted by our bartender. Also, you can enjoy a wide range of quality espresso drinks made from fresh coffee beans.

About Us

The Manor is in the heart of Nyaung Shwe!

The Manor is located on one of the main roads of Nyaung Shwe. Walking distance to the jetty and the main attractions of the town.


Things to do

Find out more about the great town of Nyaung Shwe!

Dig deep into Nyaung Shwe and Inle’s cultural background and be charmed by the wonderful people and beautiful scenery of the famous tourist spot of Myanmar.

The Team

These nice people are here to ensure you'll have a great stay!

The Manor’s team is mainly made up of professionally trained local Inthu and Inthar.Our focus is on personalised service and attending to your needs.